I’m definitely a geek and a nerd, but I don’t really identify much with geek culture at all.

Like most cultures, I never really fit into it even though technically it’s the one most like my proclivities.

I guess it’s because I’ve always had a healthy ego, and never subscribed to the “we’re so oppressed yet superior and we deserve hot women regardless” mantra that male geeks seem to spout. And anyway, I never believed that there were any women out of my league (to the extent I thought about it in that objectifying way at all), or anything that I couldn’t do if I wanted to – that whole “healthy ego” thing.

Basically, I never bought into anything anyone told me about myself. My self-esteem just can’t be beaten down by others. I’m not built that way, luckily.

I also didn’t feel like I deserved anyone’s attention or time, or that anyone owed me anything.

What the fuck is all these geek’s problem, anyway? I’m asocial as all hell, about the opposite of Mel Gibson in looks, and I’ve never had a problem meeting women.

Not being a dumbass entitled asshole goes a long way, strangely. And being interesting and doing interesting things with your life. Not because you want to “score” but because you want to.

If an ugly-ass introvert like me can spend half a lifetime being with amazing women, you people with way more advantages should be like hanging out with Jennifer Lawrence and shit every day.

But leading an interesting life is key. It’s fun, it makes you interesting, and if nothing else leads to some good stories.

Some of the crazy things that have happened to me I actually tone down (sometimes way down) in person as they are nearly unbelievable to the average cubicle dweller.

I usually don’t tone them down on the blog, though, so dear readers you are getting the real stuff here.