Current conditions

It’s Sunday and I am too lazy to link to the numerous studies which show this to be the case, but it is amazing how current conditions – even for adults – cause them to change their perceptions of how the world should be, and always has been.

I’m old enough – just barely – to remember when it was really, really easy to get a job.

Like, you pretty much showed up and you had a job.

I got out of the army in the late ’90s. Literally the first place I interviewed at hired me. I worked at an internet startup for a little while as a copywriter who did some tech work on the side. The company seemed doomed so I only worked there a few months. (It was doomed – went out of business a short time later.)

I had another job in a few days. Etc. That never happens now.

I have a great deal more experience now than I did then, so finding jobs for me is still relatively easy. But when I got out of the army many companies considered me to have no experience at all (even though this wasn’t true) and still hired me anyway.

You just cannot find that today.

The world of work has changed so much that at least in most people’s minds the old world where finding a job was fairly easy has been completely expurgated and retrogressively replaced with the new steady state of spending months even getting interviews.

I find it odd that even people who lived when jobs were plentiful and easy seem to have forgotten that time. But this seems to be how most human minds work. I recall that other world, though, where finding a job was frequently as easy as just showing up with a pulse.