If I get time, I’m going to write a Windows 10 Powershell de-crapifier script that removes all the annoyances, privacy violations and boneheaded decisions of Windows 10.

It’ll do this:

  1. Remove all metro crapplications.
  2. Change firewall to deny/deny and only allow ports 53, 80 and 443 by default, and then only for a web browser.
  3. Turn off remote assistance.
  4. Turn off Bing being integrated into Windows search and disable all related services.
  5. Turn off Cortana and disable all related services.
  6. Disable any unnecessary services (to be determined).
  7. Turn off automatic Windows Updates downloading and installing.
  8. Remove all live tiles and other associated bullshit still left (not sure if possible via Powershell)

Anything else? Sure there is more to do.

This will make the OS more secure and less likely to be a total piece of crap.

By the way, yes, the Start menu is back in Windows 10 and it’s also a terrible alphabetized mishmash of disorder and derangement. It’s not better than the Start screen, really.

Install Classic Shell to restore some sense to the mess.