Delusional by design

Something I have trouble processing is the delusional nature of the fat acceptance/fat celebration movement.

I mean, every human is delusional to some degree — including me — or else we’d all kill ourselves immediately as we realized the true Nietzschean/Lovevraftian horror of a cold uncaring universe.

But the link between calories and how big you are is so bleedin’ obvious. That the whole movement denies calories in/calories out and elementary laws of thermodynamics is just so bizarre to me. Yes, various food does metabolize somewhat differently, blah blah blah, but the basic fucking fact is that if you eat less than you burn, you’re gonna lose weight. Period.

In changing my own habits I saw this right away. I cut my food intake in half (roughly), and lost 50 pounds in about four months. In fact at one point I lost so much weight I was getting too thin (less than 140 pounds) and had to start eating a good bit more.

I’ve been watching closely how people eat at work because people are notoriously bad at reporting their own calorie intake. A lot of people who “don’t eat much” according to themselves eat more calories at breakfast alone (observed directly by me, my company often brings food in) than I eat in an entire day.

Many of them eat snacks constantly but I am sure they don’t count those towards any sort of calorie tally.

So much delusion. Befitting Poe’s Law, I often cannot tell when someone is actually an adherent of the fat acceptance movement or is trolling/making fun of the FAs because the two are completely indistinguishable.

Except one guy at work who I really like. He’s big but honest with himself and others. He says, “I fucking love food so I’m gonna be fat.”

That I can perfectly support 100%. He knows what he likes, doesn’t hide it in some stupid-ass veil of delusion, and understands the consequences.

Perfectly consistent. The rest of these nutcases just annoy me to no end.