Exactly. Every single holiday ever is made-up, ersatz, bullshit, fake, built on shaky or wrong or terrible foundations, and are are at the same time necessary for building a community, a society, a nation — and are just plain fun.

The arrogant, clueless “progressive” thinking they are springing some big gotcha on everyone by saying, “Here’s the REAL HISTORY of Thanksgiving” are the equivalent of the tech-bro-engineer “well, actually….” guy and just as annoying and worthless.

What good do the progs think attempt to take away Thanksviging is even going to do, anyway? How do they think that helps anything at all?

Of course, when you look at it in the light of their attempt at open borders nonsense and their overweening project of enforcing the neoliberal order, their desired destruction of traditions and nuance makes more sense I guess.