I really, really don’t understand the desire of so many women to be seen as choicelss infants. Does that really help? I guess it does in the short term when a guy you sleep with disappoints you. But that’s a bad path; one I wouldn’t want to be on.

I guess it’s easier to claim, “Oh, I was young and naive! I could not have possibly known sleeping with some dude would not really give me anything and everything I wanted! I thought I was his very favorite! I was just such a baby!” (Somehow, a 22-year-old baby.)

Perhaps I have trouble understanding because I have never in my life been that fucking clueless. I don’t know. These women regretting their liaisons with Ellis mostly just sound sorry that he didn’t want to marry them, and didn’t make them as successful as they’d deluded themselves into believing might be possible.

I say this to men and women: take responsibility for your own lives and your own actions. It feels so much better in the end.