I understand why they exist, but my two most-disliked expressions found mostly on more academic blogs is “politically unhelpful” and “problematic.”

This is one example, from a blog that I both like and frequent.

“Politically unhelpful” translates to me to a fear of busting heads – metaphorically or sometimes in real life. Sometimes, busting heads is the only thing that works. Liberal academics tend to shy away from this out of a fear of confrontation and making sure no one’s feelings get hurt, which is not a concern of mine when it comes to rank misogynists and their ilk.

I’m guessing the author would probably find the Hollaback project “politically unhelpful,” too.

But then again, I am a militant liberal and have no fear of stirring up the hornet’s nest in real life or online as anyone who has ever met me can attest.

Sometimes, there is no way to win people over, to have them see a better way of thinking – sometimes all you can do is shame them into shutting up. And that’s good enough for me.