Double Stand

It’s notable that when Justin Bieber was still underage, millions of very much adult women (some in their 40s and 50s) were talking about how much they wanted him — and oftentimes explicitly what they wanted to do to him — while facing nearly no pushback nor negative repercussions.

He was 14-16 at the time. Imagine if a bunch of men had done the same to, say, Selena Gomez when she was 15 and already famous. It would not have been permitted out in the open, and certainly would not have been seen as very hip and cool as it was for those creepy-ass women.

Women need their goddamn creep passes revoked en masse. My view is no one above the age of majority should be sexualizing underage people, while not denying they have a sexuality (nor punishing them for it, as we do in America).