I can’t understand people. Men. Doing this to someone is inconceivable to me.

“He’s one of my best friends.”

That’s what gets me. Doing it to anyone is beyond my comprehension. But doing it to a best friend…how is that possible? I’d sooner harm myself than I’d harm any of my friends.

There’s a great, intense scene in the pilot for the never-made TV show Virtuality where a Marine discusses her rape at the hands of people she’d considered colleagues, friends. It is a grim scene but also captures the heartbreaking sense of betrayal that I think I’d certainly feel if anything like that had ever happened to me.

I know it’s not the right answer, but I could murder that guy and feel nothing. What good is he to society? If you can’t even not prey on your friends, you are human trash. And trash needs to be taken out and buried.