Each and Every

Every time I see anyone who is opposed to unrestricted, unregulated immigration equated with being a Nazi and a racist, I have to laugh a little at how clever the neoliberals were to make that connection and to con so many “well-meaning” people with it. Do these people being conned even know they are the target of a propaganda operation?

Of course, in 99.5%+ of people the open borders cant is just performative and signaling anyway, so it doesn’t mean much. They no more truly want unrestricted immigration than they do ebola. The propaganda masters and corporations, though — oh, they definitely are all for open borders and all that horseshit. It keeps the price of labor nice and low, prevents any union formation and will eventually foreclose on the possibility of social services being provided to the populace. “Open borders” is just what the doctor ordered for destroying any possibility of political unity for at least two generations.

It is amazing how quickly “open borders” went from a political non-starter to the accepted religion of the progressives. Won’t be long before all the best progressives are pulling an immigrant behind them on a leash as a totem/mascot — and so they can mow the grass or wash the dishes or wipe nana’s bum as required. I mean, that’s what they are here for, right progressives? Yeah? No?

If you think I am being ridiculous, you should read what progressives write about this stuff. What I wrote above is barely even parody.