Absolute horseshit. Almost no one in the Western world is in fucking starvation mode. No fucking way. Just not possible. Adaptive thermogenesis just does not work that way and it has a real scientific definition that has nothing do with what this fraudster believes. That people can believe this heinously unscientific information rather than study for a moment how the body really works is an indictment of the shoddiness of our education system and our society’s priorities.

Her clients I am sure thought she was a decent personal trainer. People believe in doofy shit like “intuitive eating” and “starvation mode” occurring if you miss one meal and such, so she probably cleaned up at least in monetary terms.

Intuition is worthless when it comes to eating, and frequent eating will fail most people. A far more effective strategy for most is to have “eating windows” of only a few hours a day.

I hate the whole “starvation mode” idea because almost no one who discusses it has a fucking clue what it really is. Adaptive thermogenesis takes at least a day — bare minimum — to kick in. For some people it could be as long as 3-4 days with no or little food.

I wish it were legal to prosecute and fine people who told lies about “starvation mode” to clients to bilk them out of money.