Effective Measures

The Chinese Communist Party’s Global Lockdown Fraud.

I think this article is overstating its case in most areas (and about PCR testing, it’s nearly completely wrong), but about lockdowns I agree with most of it.

Remember, lockdowns were about flattening the curve to avoid overwhelming hospitals early — they were never intended (and in most places could not work as) a complete solution to the pandemic.

Not transmitting the virus matters, but mental stability, overall societal health and freedom matters too. Thus, extended lockdowns are bad policy and should’ve abated as other mitigation measures came to the fore: universal masking, better ventilation everywhere, more outdoor activities, testing and tracing, and state-sponsored quarantine of the infected or those suspected to be infected.

We did none of those things and thus one must ask why did we not? Is it just that our society is incapable of any concerted action? Yes, that’s part of it but the larger overarching impetus is that lockdowns massively benefit the rich and entrenched corporations. That is the number one reason for their absurd continuance past all excuses of efficacy and reason.

My personal guess is 90% or more of the decline in cases post-March had nothing to do with lockdowns and everything to do with warming weather, exposure to sunlight leading to increased Vitamin D production, higher temperatures and better ventilation due to spring/summer clement weather conditions. Most transmission, naturally, occurs in the home.

By the way, Taiwan had “no stringent restrictions on movement and no local or national lockdown” and has had among the lowest case rates and fatality rates in the world.

Lockdowns are, mostly, bunk policy and we should halt them immediately and move on to better ideas.