Emma 2

By | January 10, 2019

I wish the show The Gifted were better, because it’s so mediocre that even Emma Dumont, as excellent as she is, cannot save it.

I hope she is in a lot more. Her IMDB page says she’ll be in a movie in 2019, so let’s hope it’s worth a watch. I mean, I will watch it just because she’s in it but if it’s good, too, all the better.

Now I need to go back to watch everything she’s ever been in. Talent like hers is rare so it’s worth it. And it has nothing to do with her acting skill, but because it’s cute, here’s a video of Emma D. playing the autoharp and singing. Alas, talent is not evenly distributed.

And here’s a scene of her being very different.

The ending is particularly good. And that’s some good stuntwork, too, by whoever did that. Looks completely real both on Dumont’s part and the actor/stuntperson taking the fall.