en pointe

I agree with this.

Gina Carano is indeed completely bad-ass in that movie. And it’s also a lot of fun.

What’s more, the fight scenes are realistic as she is a real fighter. In one confrontation, she’s fighting a guy who is both bigger and just as well-trained as she is. She’s losing; fighting well, but still losing, just like reality 90% of the time when you are in that situation.

It’s only when some civilian steps in and helps her for a moment does she get the upper hand. And boy does she ever. Damn.

And there are no quick cuts designed to conceal actors who aren’t in reality very physical. You can see everything, and it’s all amazing. Carano is a ballerina of violence and watching her is like watching ice and plasma meeting in slow motion.

The best movie that I didn’t think would be very good that I’ve seen in the past year.