Failing and Flailing

Yep. I tend to be abysmally bad at anything the first time I try it, too. Like, the worst you’ve ever seen. I’ve shown up to do things and people have literally asked me, “Why are you even here?”

But I also get better really quickly. Generally, in a few months I’m better than the people criticizing me by far. It took me a long time to learn that about myself, though. My family just told me I was worthless and incompetent when I wasn’t good at something right away.

Now, I just keep plugging away and know that I’ll exceed most people after a bit. And I even figured out why I’m such a huge failure early. I don’t trust people to know what’s the best way for me, so I like to do my own thing even if it doesn’t seem to make sense. It’s just in my nature. A lot of times, the “right” way to do something really is correct. But many times, it isn’t. Discovering this is very valuable and often gives me a huge advantage.

So I’ve embraced my incompetence and failure.