Faster I will be

Another few things about the shittiness of Windows 8.

When I or anyone else complains about the Start menu being removed and replaced with d1Rd8a screen-spanning monstrosity, the Microsoft apologist response is, "It works just the same as the Start menu, it’s just larger!"

And then when I point out that, no, the Windows 7 Start menu does not in fact take up my entire screen, does not have tiles that look like AOL from 1996, and does have ways to customize it extensively, the apologist’s contention is then that, "But you can just search for what you want!"

And of course then when I say, as has been true since the 90s, that I often have so much installed on my computer that I don’t actually recall the name of it until I see it in the list, and thus cannot search for it, there is no sensible response, just that I "hate change."

And then when I say that I don’t want a Start menu that covers up my entire screen, including what I am currently working on, the apologists come up with some poorly-understood pseudoscience about, "But no one can multi-task, it’s been shown scientifically, so you don’t need to see more than one thing at a time."

Of course I point out then that when I am working on an app, and need something from the Start menu, often I don’t know quite what I want, so I need to see the thing I am looking at it and the Start menu at the same time. And then they come back with, "But no one can multi-task, no matter what." Not even addressing the actual point.

When I say that I don’t think a single app should take over my entire 30" monitor with no way to make it smaller, the "But no one can multitask" argument resurfaces, ignoring of course that many people like to compare spreadsheets, folders and many other apps side by side which would be completely impossible with a Metro-like interface.

And then when I discuss the absurdity of Microsoft attempting to remove the ability of the actual computer to multi-task, something that was long-fought and hard-won (I used computers long before multi-tasking was possible, and it sucked.), the response is that, “Well, can only use one app at a time, what does it matter?”

Use only one app at a time? Dumbass, I’ve often had Photoshop batch-processing in the background, while I am ripping CDs or converting a movie, with my IM client running, and while I am listening to music and reading a PDF.

Just because you use your computer like you bought it a Toys ‘R Us does not mean that I do.

I think I hate anyone who likes Windows 8, as there is no way I have anything in common with the people with minds who work so poorly that they like it.

The one great thing, though, is that I will stick with OSes that work, and thus will be vastly more productive over time than those flailing around with their toy OS.

I like that kind of self-inflicted justice.