Fear nation

This is…amazing.

I don’t know how this has changed over time, but these figures sure seem strange. I played on my own in front of my house when I was five, but today’s parents think you need to be 10—and a substantial fraction think you need to be over 12 to play in front of the house unsupervised.

Like Kevin, I played in the front yard on my own when I was five, often for hours with no supervision. All my friends — some with much more engaged parents than mine — did the same.

I was going everywhere I could get to on my bike alone by the time I was 9.

Anyone who did not do this was considered a real weirdo.

It’s such an odd thing that as safety has increased paranoia has also increased.

Behaviors and child-rearing practices that were utterly normal in the 1980s and prior now get you thrown in jail.