Here’s why Firefox will die.

I use one of those extensions. More than half of the extensions I use (and all of the most important ones) will no longer work after Firefox 57 is released.

I plan to switch to Chrome then as it’s faster in most ways and has fewer strange issues. Most people will do the same since the reason most continue to use Firefox is because of the extensions model.

Something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately is bad idea traps and the inability to see them. It’s a multiscalar problem — it happens at every societal level as with the housing boom and crash of 2008 down to the relatively-minor issue of the Mozilla organization clearly determined to exterminate itself, but failing to understand how it’s now just baked in.

I find it interesting that as with army ants driven by pheromones circling until they die, humans and their organizations can do the same, despite the fact that to anyone standing outside it’s immediately obvious what’s gone wrong and how to fix it.