Fire and Remember

True. They are the only ones with any valid battlefield tactics and awareness. “Just charging in” might look cool on the screen but that’s not how real battles are fought.

Even in books this happens. For instance, a milfic book I am reading now has an armored train as part of the plot. Some combat aircraft attack it directly, despite it having extensive and effective air defense, instead of doing the logical fucking thing of blowing the tracks all to hell in front of and behind the train. Do that, it’s not going anywhere, and then you send a few JDAMs its way at your leisure without risking valuable low-flying aircraft.

But it’s way more dramatic to have the A-10s attack it directly.

In another scene in the novel, three A-10s engage in a dogfight with two SU-57s and win (destroying one and causing the other to flee). No, just no. That would never happen. Never. First of all, there’s basically no dogfighting anymore. Second, an A-10 against an SU-57 is like a kindergartner fighting Bruce Lee. The kindergartner would get punted into the sun. (The A-10 is a great combat aircraft, probably the best ground-attack aircraft ever made, but it is not a dogfighter.)

Also in the same book the author has the A-10 using afterburners. The A-10 uses the General Electric TF34 engine which has zero afterburner capability.

The book, overall, isn’t bad but it’s full of clichés and it sacrifices accuracy for drama a bit too often.