Is this true, do men really think this?

I’ve gotten a little better, but still — I almost never know, and never assume, a woman is flirting with me.

Occasionally it’s happened that a few minutes after talking to a woman with a friend, he or she’ll say, “God, if that woman flirted with you any harder she would’ve rented a sky writing plane and inscribed it in the air.”

And I’ll be like, “What? She was flirting with me? How could you tell?”

Then usually come the sighs or exasperated shakes of the head.

But here’s the thing. When you’re treated like a piece of human garbage for the early part of your life, to the extent that you think someone might be flirting with you, you assume they are actually making fun of you.

Like I said, I’ve gotten better over the years. But for the first ~27 years of my life, a woman could literally take her clothes off in front of me and grab onto me and I’d assume she must be hot and wanted to use my shirt to fan herself.

I really was that clueless because I just never assumed anyone would like me.