Men who gave up dating and opted for a foreign wife through an agency, help me understand why.

You don’t have to use an agency. Just go somewhere and meet people. Not everywhere is like the US.

Why you would do such a thing: American women have extremely insane expectations that only 1% (or fewer) of men meet. Even in countries that are roughly as rich as the US, this level of absurd expectation inflation is simply not true. Basically any dating market in any non-Muslim country is better than the US. For men, anyway.

Something very, very wrong has occurred in the psyche of American women and it’s worth spending a lot of time and money to get away from that to find something better when you want a decent partner. Or even something short term, for that matter.

If I were not with my amazing partner and if I wanted to seriously date, I’d spend six months in Greece, Portugal, Norway, Italy, Croatia, etc. No fucking way would I even attempt here after what social media has done to women in the US. It has just destroyed them.

Even when I was in the UK recently, women were much more approachable (and approaching) than the US. I had 5 or 6 women in age range from 20-55 flirt with me quite obviously there. Admittedly, that sort of thing happens to me more everywhere since I got a lot hotter, but there it was very blatant. It helped that I was hanging out with an extremely attractive extrovert who talks to anyone and everyone around her, of course, but even apart from that it would’ve been easier there for me to partner up.

And it’s even better/easier in other countries as compared to the UK.

If you’re an American man and you want to meet someone worth your time, your absolute best bet is to get the hell away from American women at all costs.