For the Fat Acceptance nuts

Angelique Kerber won the Australian Open with some very impressive strategic play. Worth watching the highlights at least if you like tennis and smart players (and I do like both). But I wanted to talk about the difference between “thick” as used by the FAs and what someone who is actually thick looks like.

Angelique Kerber is thick; I have large muscular thighs and Kerber’s (even when not being made to look larger by bouncing off the femur during play) are 50% again as big around as mine.


That is thick. Note that she still looks great because she’s in hella shape. Thick doesn’t mean you weigh 400 pounds. That’s just morbidly obese. A bit of a difference there, really.

Kerber is 5’8″ and 150 pounds according to official WTA stats — but those official stats are often old. From the photo and looking at a few older photos, I’m betting she weighs more than that now. I’d say about 165. But it’s all muscle so as noted looks amazing.