Franchise Terminated

Terminator: Dark Fate was not a very good movie. It shouldn’t have been made; that story has been told and thus it was pointless.

Linda Hamilton, though, was great even in the face of lots of bad writing. How rare is it that an actress is actually allowed to look her age? Pretty damn uncommon.

And Mackenzie Davis is pretty good too, and has facial scarring as a “good guy” character and a woman. That’s pretty rare. Movies always seem to use facial scarring as a sign of a definite baddie. Yeah, it’s not much scarring, and tellingly it’s been airbrushed out of all the press stuff, but I liked it.

Other than that, not much to say about this fairly-boring film.

The scenes where Grace is using the chain are pretty great, though. The only parts of the film that felt visceral and real:

(She’s human, but augmented, so that’s why she can move it so quickly. So short but really well-done. The rest is CGI crap.)