Fuck Mozilla

I accidentally installed the “new, improved” version of Open With and realized…it no longer worked. At all. Instead of just having a convenient right-click menu in the browser to open a page in another browser, there was no right-click menu and no possibility thereof. This is all due to Quantum and Web Extensions, which is just the harebrained attempt to turn Firefox into Chrome.

To even get the fucking thing to work now, you have to now install some janky “helper file.” I don’t even know if this will function on Mac as those are the only directions I could find. I am sure I could hack it into functionality, but why bother?

This is utterly functionality-destroying. It left me sputtering with rage at how horribly Mozilla handled the transition and all the bad ideas they’ve implemented over the past half-dozen years or so.

I really wish I could un-donate the money I donated to Mozilla.

Their failure will make me smirk. It is inevitable.