Fun Out

This is what I despise about leftist and so-called progressive discourse, the idea if that something bad happened to someone anywhere once, then it’s wrong to ever joke about it or even discuss it (in many cases) except in the most solemn and mournful tones.

Fuck. That. Noise.

I got my ass kicked on the daily in middle and early high school and you know what, I joke about it all the time. And other people can joke about it, too. I do not give a damn and I don’t think any TV shows or jokes or discussions of bullying should be banned because Blaine nearly knocked me out by hitting me with a tree branch from behind in seventh grade.

The only thing I hate more than progressives is conservatives. I’m not a natural misanthrope, all ya’ll just turn me into one.

You know what, life should be fun, not just a mournful procession to the grave were we not only sing our own pitiful monody but relish our chance to ruthlessly punish anyone else for having a laugh or two.

I don’t want to live like that, but many progressives truly do. Well, they can have their featureless concrete boxes, weeping listlessly while eating grass equivalents and moaning about everything that offends them (which is everything). I’ll be doing something, anything else, other than that horseshit.