Gel Us See

This reminds me of my extremely jealous girlfriend I had when I got out of the army. Back in the era when hugging in the workplace was still normal, a short (5’1″ or so) woman hugged me completely platonically for a major project I’d helped her with, leaving a little bit of lipstick on my collar. I didn’t notice it.

When I got home, my girlfriend sure did and tearfully accused me of cheating on her, then progressed to screaming, then asked how many of the girls at work I planned to sleep with before proceeding to kick me out. After I said, “As many as it takes until you get tired of screaming at me,” I went and stayed at a hotel. I should’ve broken up with her so much earlier, but she was also financially dependent on me and I was attempting to be nice, in part.

Hint: don’t be nice. It just makes your life miserable. Looking back, I never should’ve allowed her to behave the way she did to me. But you learn.