Generation ship

Yep, yep.

But according to (most) scientists. There is! No difference! Between generations! Because they can’t — really have failed to — measure something that is obvious and pervasive.

That gets on my nerves so much.

The millennial interns in my office have such different values than the older folks that it’s pretty amusing to watch them interact. I straddle the line a bit (not in age but in outlook) and am far closer to the interns in worldview, behavior and beliefs. Because I am not set in my ways, I don’t react with such consternation as the older folks do when an intern just does not give a crap about what the old fogeys see as incontrovertibly important.

The Cold War is mind-boggling to younger people, though. I understand even though I lived through the last decades of it. It seems totally crazypants looking in the rearview.