Gestalt fault

So the Democrats are going to spend all their time searching for (IMO dubious) proximate causes of Hillary’s loss and instead not face that fact that the reason they actually lost was that they nominated a candidate reviled by extremely large percentages of the population, who had historically high negatives (even among those who had voted for Obama in the previous two elections), and who was a Wall Street insider about as charismatic as a boiled lamprey. And that all of this was known well before her nomination and presumed coronation.

Fucking ridiculous. Means they will likely repeat the same mistake again in 2020 and we’ll get Trump — again.

Why Clinton was hated in this context does not matter. The fact is that the DNC and dumbo-Dems chose a bad candidate about whom many people knew the truth: she could not beat Trump and was historically weak even against such an inferior candidate.

But sure, blame it on Comey. Couldn’t have been poor decision-making, shouting down of allies, the nomination of a Wall Street toadie, the accusations of racism, misogyny and Nazism if you did not jingoistically support Clinton, nor the fact that she called roughly half of America a “basket of deplorables.”

Certainly those things had nothing to do with it!