Getting you to do the dirty work

Be aware that when people inveigh against and call for Reddit to be shut down that they (and perhaps you) are doing the dirty work of the class of (mostly) corporate types who want all such bastions of relatively free expression and thought to disappear from the internet.

This is who really wants Reddit shut down. It’s the same people who want university humanities departments to disappear. The same who want to turn public schools into corporate cloisters churning out rubber-stamping drones. The same who opposed the ACA (which I did as well, but for different reasons) and would prefer that people are chained to a corporation for their health care.

The truth is Reddit is as diverse as any site with millions and millions of members.

In true diversity one is going to encounter some unpleasantness.

It’s interesting that the neoliberals, corporatists and neoconservatives have successfully and quite intelligently adopted so much of the language, practices and even doctrine of leftist activists and social justice warriors — so much so that many of those types foolishly agree with them — to destroy so many humanistic and diverse enterprises.