Though I remember the protests at the time, I was only vaguely aware that the UK too had made it so very expensive to go to school.

We have truly decided that massive inequality and a stratified society is the way to go, then – that there are the Sanctified Rich, and the Serfs.

The funny thing is, this will make over time the rich less rich than they otherwise could have been, by destroying the economy and immiserating so many — though since all humans really seem to care about is relative position the rich will have increased their apparent height in the firmament by kneecapping everyone else.


I agree with what some site I was reading said that this will not end democratically. It only did in the ‘30s because of the legitimate threat posed by communism.

How does it, how can it end, then? I think it would take a countrywide shut-down – at least 50 major cities – for months, combined with targeting of actual rich for less-than-savory ends.

Even without an outright revolution, there’s still a 50% chance we’d end up like Syria.

No good options, really.