Gravity waves



That’s all there really is to say about it, though of course I’ll say more. Sandra Bullock was excellent in the film. Really, amazingly great.

Ignore all those who give it less than full plaudits; most of them are suffering from the common delusion that they’d do better under severe stress than the main character. But I’ve been in situations of extreme stress and trust me, most people do far worse and fall apart for far longer than she did. Her breathing heavily – nearly hyperventilating – is normal in such events and was very realistic, and how she was able to control it was also realistic for a strong-willed, intelligent person. Most people aren’t the macho cowboys they imagine themselves to be is really what was going on with those reviewers.

For the first time in a movie in a long time, there was a realistic depiction of how real-life courage and resolve actually looks in most humans.

I haven’t seen a movie that good in nearly a decade, I think. It is transfixing and even though it runs only 90 minutes or so, it feels three hours long because the tension is unrelenting and yet unlike many movies completely appropriate to the situation.

And oh yeah, did I mention how great Bullock was? She should get all the awards, and not just ones for movies. Give her a Nobel, maybe a Pulitzer, too. I don’t give a fuck. Her performance was truer than true.