I hate mobile. Because Microsoft is only concentrating on mobile, it means I can never use Windows again.

The fonts are so atrociously terrible in Windows 10 there aren’t even words for it. They are like a volcano erupting right into your eye, like watching any Ray Romano “comedy,” like a kissing a cactus with your whole face.

And I found out the reason. It’s because Microsoft now only allows grayscale anti-aliasing even in their fucking desktop OS. This color-based anti-aliasing (aka ClearType) didn’t work correctly on tablets and phones due to the fact that color-based anti-aliasing depends on one pixel orientation, and tablets and phones can be rotated. So instead of just leaving it in for the desktop OS — the vast majority of their users — they ripped it out and returned their OS to 1983.

So in other words for their very small share of the phone and tablet market, they decided that the monitors of ~1 billion desktop users should be like reading hieroglyphics off a damn rock.

I read all the time, all day long. So fonts are pretty important to me. I can’t accept bad ones. And Windows 10 renders fonts worse than my old Windows 3.11 installation from back in 1993.

Al hail progress.