gun fantasies

Most people just shouldn’t have guns. It’s that simple.

All of these fantasies most people have about defending themselves using a gun are just that – fantasies.

In a crisis, most people – including many well-trained people – are terrible shots who are just as likely to shoot someone innocent than who they are aiming at.

That’s even more true if the person they are intending to shoot has a gun aimed at them as well.

It’s an unusual breed of person – maybe one in a thousand – who can act rationally and shoot straight in a crisis. Some yuppie cowboy who has watched a few episodes of Justified is not going to be that person. They are as likely to accidentally (or even worse, intentionally) plug their wife or their kid

That said, there is no easy solution to the gun problems of America. There are too many people with guns, and attempting to take them all away would literally start another civil war.

But convincing people that owning a gun doesn’t make them into Clint Eastwood would be a good start.