Gun it

I’m really sick of the gun culture in the US. It seems like a mental illness to me. And most often, the people obsessed with guns are also misogynist, often racist, and in general just despicable humans.

Not all the time. But most of the time. I’m not some “effete” liberal guessing about this. I grew up in very rural North Florida. I know this.

I don’t know how so many people got it into their heads that having a gun makes them into some sort of gunslinger. I am putting it in mythological terms because apparently that’s the way many people think about it. But here’s the thing about a real gunslinger. She is still a gunslinger without her guns. In fact, that very idea – that the guns are only a tool, a symbol of something that you already are — is what defines someone like that.

Just like Tony Stark is still Iron Man without his suit.

People buy the tool and think it grants them magic powers, but in reality it just makes them dangerous losers with a tool they don’t understand and are incompetent with.

That’s fine if it’s a power saw or a belt sander. Most of the time, they will only hurt themselves. But with a gun it’s different. They can hurt or kill themselves and many other people. And often do just that.