I don’t hate Windows 8 because it is different; no, I hate it because it fucking sucks.

I have no problem at all with iOS that runs on my iPad. It is nearly the perfect OS for a tablet. It very effectively minimizes the limitations of a tablet and maximizes its capabilities.

For how I use a tablet, their might be a better possible OS using the technologies available today, but I am not smart enough to think of what that could be. That is to say, Apple’s iOS is pretty much ideal for its tablet use case.

But using a tablet or phone OS on the desktop, as Windows 8 attempts to force users to do?

Yes, yes, I know, tablets are allegedly the future and all that. But the fact is that right at this very moment, despite what you’ve heard in the media, PCs still outsell tablets by something like 20 to 1. And also, there are something like 120 times as many PCs in the world that could run Windows 8 than there are tablets of any type.

So this means that Microsoft is going out on a limb of their own choosing and forcing their much larger number of customers to run an OS designed for a tablet or phone on a desktop machine.

Not sure about you, but my desktop ain’t no tablet, and it surely is not a phone. The use paradigm for the two smaller devices is much different than what is is ideal on a 23”+ monitor.

I used Windows 8 for a few days. It was exercise in sheer frustration, and then unbridled fury. Not even Windows ME riled me up so much. At least the interface in that one made sense, even if it crashed every half hour.

I know how to shut any Windows OS down at the command line, which I still managed to find in Windows 8, but while using it I wanted to attempt to figure out how to shut it down the regular “consumer” way, as most people would experience it. It took me 30 minutes of continual searching to discover how to shut down the OS.


And that’s not even the most frustrating part of the OS.

I hate everything about Windows 8, and hope it dies a painful death in interface hell.