City-run ISP makes 10Gbps available to all residents and businesses.

In Salisbury, NC, of all places.

Fibrant’s site is unavailable — probably crashed due to the Ars link — but doing a 10Gbs fiber handoff is quite an expensive proposition for the average home.

First, you’ll need a switch like this if you want more than one machine to be able to use it at full speed.

That’s $1,300, and one of the cheapest 10gbs examples you can buy that supports SFPs.

Then you’ll need the SFP, which is around $270 for a generic.

Then you will need a 10Gbs NIC in one of your machines, which is around $240.

That’s if you want the possibility of full 10Gbs speed to all of your network (which you’ll never see from the internet in real world use yet, by the way).

If you want 10gbs on just one machine, you’d only need this or something like it.

So, yeah, not cheap! But still very cool.