The military budget was recently upped by $80 billion a year.

The supposedly pie-in-the-sky, utterly impossible, completely “wanting a pony” plan to provide free college to everyone would’ve only cost $47 billion a year. But sure, can’t afford that.

Also, given current solar energy generation prices and college costs, we could’ve paid for all power generation in the US to be solar and all college costs for the next 100 years with how much we spent on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars alone.

If we slashed the current military budget in half, we could provide solar for most of the US — where it makes the most sense — and provide free college in perpetuity to any taker.

But somehow, we can’t afford single payer or universal health care, nor free college, nor anything else that promotes an equitable and fair society. It’s all ponies and nice dreams, according to the DNC and anyone who has had their palms greased with Wall Street guilders.