Hint I

By | February 12, 2019

Why Are Guys So Bad at Picking Up On Hints?

Because this is not how men relate to each other. It’s a feminist shibboleth that men always know what women are hinting at secretly, but just don’t want to comprehend. I can tell you, though, in most cases this is 100% false. I and every guy I know have had women hint things at us to which we’ve been utterly and completely oblivious.

Here’s a hint (heh): Men generally verbalize something to convey information directly or to assert some form of dominance. I am not telling you this in a normative sense. I am just describing what is. We generally do not use hints and when we do, they are unsubtle and obvious. Mostly, we ask or declare directly and succinctly. This is the source of the divergence.

I have gotten better at picking up the hints that women give off so it is possible. I’ve gone from about a 10% hint hit rate to maybe 50%. And that is a huge improvement! But it’s still far from perfect so I get it wrong a great deal.

I am actually trying, though, but it’s not something I will ever be even half as good at as the bottom quintile of women.