Hintin’ it’s not Clinton

I’ll be glad when this election is over, no matter the outcome. Tired of hearing about it. Tired of witnessing formerly-sane people descend into terror and nostalgic fantasy.

I don’t support Trump, Clinton or Sanders — but I fundamentally can’t understand anyone who supports Clinton. What a terrible choice for the country, for progressivism, for feminism, for the world.

I can understand supporters of Trump, though I disagree with them. I can understand Sanders supporters, because I mostly agree with them (though not as much with their candidate).

But I can’t understand — will never understand — their apologies and excuses for Hillary Clinton’s mendacity, corruption and terrible leadership skills. Her policies will be destructive to the nation and the interests of the US. Trump has a way with words — or at least short phrases — and “Crooked Hillary” is perhaps the most apt political slur ever.

Clinton might arguably be the lesser evil, but she’s still damn evil indeed. She won’t be president (it’ll be Trump because the electoral college favors him) but that she could be is a terrible fact of American political life.