Someone else noticed just how great Alexis Bledel’s performance was in The Handmaid’s Tale.

The episode mostly focused on her was very much worth watching, and I am glad I experienced it. However, I hope to never watch it again.

All the boring torture porn and jump scares in the world can’t compare to observing Bledel’s face as she experiences the destruction of self under the domination of the terrifying bureaucratized authoritarianism of Gilead — the destruction, and her anger and hopelessness and resignation and through that resignation, still resistance.

I’ve never cringed watching anything supposedly-disgusting or graphic on screen. But I cringed watching Ofglen’s reactions to the things she was experiencing and witnessing.

Damn, that is some skill.

Everyone might or might not be born to do something. Bledel, however, was born to play Ofglen. Shit, she is so good, people.