How many

I see posts all the time like “Ate a healthy lunch today.”

By healthy, usually meaning low-calorie (they think) and such. Most of the time, it’s something like the above photo.

That’s a caesar salad and what, cottage cheese and peach? Or potato salad with cheese? Either way, hugely caloric. And Odwalla drink.1,200 calories or so, easy.

By contrast, my lunch was somewhere around 500 (k)calories — and that’s a big lunch for me. The average American’s lunch is more than I eat most days total.

How can you be so self-delusional and wildly wrong about something so obvious?

Even this article on Ars Technica — usually a bastion of reason — is 90% bullshit and 10% science. Especially since they don’t seem to realize that most people wildly underreport their calorie counts. Self-reporting does not work when people even lie to themselves.

I think more than any chemical, etc., fantasy-based thinking contributes to obesity.