How To Be

By | January 17, 2019

I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten mentally sharper since I’ve been working out. It’s quite apparent. Didn’t realize how much that mattered. Won’t make that mistake again.

Lately, I’ve been thinking of writing a book. Previously, it was going to be about how to learn quickly and with accuracy, and about how to find valid information and then how to use it. The idea first gestated when one of my colleagues at work who was quite intelligent herself asked how I learned things so quickly, after she watched me go from almost no knowledge to near-expert on something in about a week. I told her part of it was just that I was pretty intelligent by accident of birth but another part is that I’d taught myself over the years how to learn effectively. This book, then, is to be for a general audience, not intended for academia but rather for people who recognize that one can improve one’s abilities in this area (I certainly have, so I know others can, too).

But after the past few months working out and realizing that it’s caused me to level up cognitively a great deal, I don’t think just writing about how to sift through the vast piles of information our society throws at us is enough. If you’re not training your body and your brain at the same time, you’re shorting yourself and won’t be able to reach your full potential.

And I want the title to be “offensive.” That has the benefit of automatically sorting my readers out. With the right title, those who don’t want to improve won’t even pick it up; those who do want to better themselves will be drawn to it. So it’ll probably be called How Not To Be Fat and Stupid.

I have no interest in making money off this or getting it traditionally published. It’s just something I’d like to do because I want to, like this blog.