I can’t understand

Why do FA types think there is such a thing as naturally skinny?

Ain’t nobody naturally skinny. Just like no one is naturally fat. How does this myth develop? Chris Hemsworth and his wife are skinny because they worked hard to get and stay that way.

Since I lost weight, I’ve been called “naturally skinny” five or six times. Unfortunately it’s been in professional situations where a cutting comment wouldn’t be appropriate, but damn I feel like anyone who worked to lose weight should be given one free punch or kick (your choice) when someone calls you “naturally skinny.”


I’ve often wondered how much the fact that that people have such trouble losing weight is just related to the self-justifying mythology that says that there is no point in not eating that entire cake and slurping down that 32 oz Mt. Dew because no matter what you’ll be the size of a house anyway?

“Naturally skinny” pisses me off.