I’m not normal

Reading articles like this makes me realize how abnormal I am.

I’m sure this guy is right — but until I read the article I truly didn’t realize how big a basket of self-delusion and wishful thinking most people are. Like, I’ve read all kinds of cognitive psychology textbooks, etc., but it doesn’t sink in the way something of this nature does.

Do people really think and work like this? How do they live? How can you survive day to day with such poor self-assessment and self-control abilities?

Losing weight was remarkably easy for me. I lost 25%+ of my body weight because I decided to. I knew I could and I did.

When I read things like the linked article I don’t think that I am superior to other people but god, I am remarkably divergent in so many ways that it’s no wonder that I have such trouble dealing with so many people other than on the smalltalk level.

These articles are harmful, though — the only option is failure. The Homer Simpson “don’t even try” solution. So glad I didn’t go that route in my personal life.

Do people really have that much problem controlling what their hand picks up and places in their mouth? Why? I don’t understand. It’s just so easy for me to tell my hand not to. Even when I am hungry. But then I am so stubborn that books could be written about that.

But I just don’t understand; some fundamental incompatibility.