Immi not great

About the immigration debate: why we are supposed to conclude against all evidence that mass immigration of millions of people either explicitly or de facto opposed to Western liberal values is not harmful to the societies into which they are immigrating?

I’m not talking about terrorism, though that’s a part of it. I’m talking about women being afraid to go out on the street (Munich), about harassment and sexual assault (Sweden, Germany), and about why it’s ok to sacrifice Western liberal values for this.

That’s the real debate, but no one is engaging in that one of course.

Instead, you have idiotic racists on one side screaming that all brown-skinned people are evil, and idiotic racists on the other side screaming that Ahmed just can’t help raping that German woman, because that’s his “culture.” And that she brought it on herself anyway for being, like, white and not wearing a burka. And that’s the “liberal” side!

Some debate.