I will never understand men who want to bar women deemed insufficiently geeky from the the world of geekhood.

In many cases, these men seem to want to bar all women, which makes even less sense.

Who cares – really who fucking cares? – if she just dresses up as Black Widow as she just likes the costume? Or she’s read every comic book that has an Avenger in it ever.

Looking at someone, you have no way of knowing. And anyway, someone has to get interested in things somehow. Were you born knowing everything about Star Trek or Star Wars or Alan Moore?

What’s really jacked up about it all is that if I showed up at a con in an X-Men t-shirt, no one would ever question me as I am male. Yet I have never read a single comic book of any type in my entire life, and probably never will.

My sister has read more comics than I have.

I love people dressed up in costume. I think it’s one of the most fun things a person can do, and it’s great seeing the creativity involved in it all.

So fine, you idiot geeks kick all the women out of your clubhouse so you can complain about women not liking you and being the victim of “friendzoning” and whatever other bullshit you carp about.

Me, I’ll be hanging out and having fun with the cool chicks who like to dress up and can likely out-geek me in most ways.