IT and CS

HTML, CSS and our vanishing industry entry points.

It is quite sad to see. Bootcamps are better than nothing, and I don’t believe everyone needs a CS degree to work in my field (I certainly don’t and never will have one), but I’ve dealt with people who go through bootcamps for various certifications and they don’t have much domain knowledge at all.

They don’t understand how TCP/IP works, or even know what it is. They don’t know how a CPU works. They don’t know how to do much at the command line, if anything. They don’t know how to do a packet capture. Their troubleshooting skills are de minimis. If it’s not a Google result, they can never fix anything.

This generally isn’t true of those who are self-taught, who learned on HTML and CSS or more specific to my area, on older computers where you had complete control and where if you broke it, you fixed it.

My field is corporatizing and getting more boring, and the people less competent because they simply are unable to learn more as there is no path to doing so.