I don’t feel a connection with any city that I’ve ever lived in. Not Lake City. Not Charlotte. Not Bellingham. Not Seattle. Not Sharm El Sheikh. Not Chengdu. And not St. Petersburg.

I just have no ties to them that make me feel anything – not talking about people, but the actual places.

Guess I don’t put down roots very easily and of course I am not a city person. Hate them, really. And none of them felt like home, even when I lived there. Even when my life was happy (which it has been often and still is).

Could I feel at home in a place? I don’t know. Perhaps I am just not that kind of person. Probably.

I did feel at home when I lived on the river but then I was almost always alone. Well, there were fish, and I like fish. I think that rootedness had more to do with the river rather than being alone, though.

I belonged there. In a city, I don’t belong and will never belong. Probably that’s most of it.