Job laugh

Here’s another of those increasingly-common job ads that makes me laugh.

There is literally no one on the planet – I guarantee it – that knows all of these things to the level this company is requesting.

And if there were someone (there isn’t), they would never work for $34-$51K.

People who know well only one of those things (like the listed VMware) command salaries in the 80K+ range, for instance.

Hell, I made above 60K a year many years ago by knowing only Exchange and Outlook really, really well.

This part made me laugh so hard I almost fell out my chair (what I’ve made bold in conjunction with the rest of the ad):

• Intermediate Networking / Wifi Admin: Firewall, NAT
• Small Business & Enterprise Support: Security / Active Directory / Network Management / Business Process Improvement / Remote Support / POS Systems / Quickbooks Support / Microsoft Exchange / Google Cloud Services / Individual Device Integration w Enterprise / Email Server Admin
• Managed Services: cloud backup / Web hosting & admin / maintenance schedules / remote network management / SaaS
• Strong Project Management / Time Management Skills
Basic carpentry / construction skills
• Internet Marketing: graphic/web design & development / App Development / Social Media / PayPerClick and other online advertising tactics
• Ability to efficiently manage material purchasing, cost of labor, client relationships
• Ability to Manage Team of 5 very unique individuals.

Note that this is an IT job.

If there were such a person competent in all of these areas (which is actually physically impossible), they could probably easily get a 150K+ a year job somewhere.

Tonight before I go to bed, I am going to send an email lambasting these assclowns. I know it won’t help anything, but lately as I’ve gotten older I just don’t give a shit.

I like taking potshots at the idiots when I can, just for fun.