Just like celery

It’s interesting that if a man did this, it’d be horrendous misogynist stalking behavior.

It was there that he met Gerie Simmons (now Lonzarich). The pair had admired each other from afar before she engineered their meeting by pretending to need a physics tutor; they married in 1967.

Does there need to be a double standard? Perhaps. Maybe there does. However, I am really glad I’m not in the dating pool any longer, because any way that you meet people other than garbage like Tinder is becoming increasingly seen as stalking activity – especially if you are male. If I pretended to need a physics tutor to meet a woman, I’d be a horrible, unhinged, unforgivable deviant stalker. I know this for a fact.

I have no sympathy for people like James Damore and I don’t believe in Kathleen Parker’s “save the males” drivel, but at the same time I’m not certain why it makes sense to declare that activity one gender undertakes is verboten to the other. Does that make a better world? I don’t think it does.

Meeting people — especially if you are not in the top 10-20% of attractiveness — is hard enough.

Why are we trying to make it harder? I have ideas about that (don’t I always), but I will save that for a later post.